ethanallenimgEthan Allen

Ethan Allen was born in January 1737 in Litchfield, Connecticut to Joseph and Mary Allen before moving to Cornwall by 1940.  Ethan received no formal education until age 17 when he was sent to the neighboring town of Salisbury to study under Reverend Jonathan Lee.  After only a few months of studies in Salisbury, Ethan’s dreams of attending Yale were halted by the passing of his father as he returned home to work in support of his mother and seven younger siblings. Through his life he traveled to the land which would later become Vermont, mostly for hunting purposes.  Later he would establish the Green Mountain Boys who he would lead to capture Fort Ticonderoga.  Ethan Allen married twice, first to Mary Bronson, which was said to be a less than happy marriage despite a lack of evidence, this is still said to be true. His second marriage was to Frances Buchanan, to whom he was very happily married until his death in 1789.

In his senior year as an undergraduate Mathematics student at Shepherd University, Brad Davidson is similar to Ethan Allen in setting goals high, but willing to change plans and return home to his families side in times of need.  Despite numerous obstacles though, Brad redirected his goals in the direction of military by pursuing a career with the US Air Force.


Mary Bronson Allen


Frances Montresor Buchanan Allen (Penniman)


Frances Montresor, by unknown artist. Image from Fort Ticonderoga Museum.

Fanny Allen, born in 1760, was the adopted daughter of Margaret Schoolcraft and Crean Brush, a vast landowner and a colonel in the British Army during the American Revolution. She was the illegitimate daughter of French and Indian War engineer John Montresor and Ann Schoolcraft. Fanny grew up in New York, where her education led her to pursue music and botany. Her first husband, John Buchanan, was a retired British military officer, who died while serving among the King’s Loyal Rangers. Despite her Loyalist family ties, the young widow met and married Ethan Allen shortly after the Revolution in 1784. They shared a content but short marriage, as Ethan Allen died in 1789. Fanny remarried in 1793 and lived until 1834.

Though not a skilled botanist or musician, Kelly Schmidt, like Fanny, loves to learn. She is a graduate student earning her Ph.D. in United States History and Public History at Loyola University Chicago, where she pursues interests in the history of race, slavery, and abolition.



Levi Allen’s signature from a personal letter dated 1791.

Levi Allen

Levi Allen was born in Cornwall, Connecticut in 1746, nine years after his brother Ethan. Levi was a prominent businessman in the colonial era, and assisted his older brother Ethan after the Revolutionary War began. Levi was present at the Battle of Fort Ticonderoga, serving alongside Ethan. After Ethan’s capture, Levi left the American army and began trading with British businessmen in New York. Levi was eventually jailed for suspected loyalist activities and upon release moved to East Florida as a supplier for the British army. After the war, Levi maintained a relationship with his family despite living and conducting business in Canada for much of the remainder of his life. Levi Allen died in debtors prison in Burlington, Vermont in 1801.

Unlike Levi Allen, David Hammond plans to remain loyal to the United States although he does have Canadian loyalists in his ancestry. He is a Sophomore at Shepherd University pursuing degree in history with plans to attend law school after graduation.

Header image: Kitchen of the Ethan Allen Homestead in Burlington, Vermont.