Navigating the Postwar Economy


This is a New Hampshire dollar bill that would have been used during the early postwar years.

After the war, the Allen household exemplified the need for the newly created United States of America and the empire of Great Britain to remain able to trade and conduct business. Vermont’s proximity to Canada made it essential for a relationship to develop between Vermont and its British neighbors in the north.

Levi Allen, who abandoned the patriot cause during the war in favor of business ventures, moved to Quebec and created a mercantile business. Levi became an important liaison between Vermont and British Canada.

Ira Allen attempted to continue the family business of land speculation but found the economy of the United States a difficult one to navigate. His plan to export lumber to Canada and import manufactured goods was unravelled by the weary government in Quebec. He later attempted to instigate a revolution in Canada, seeking a break from the British Empire similar to the United States.

Ethan Allen worked tirelessly to assure the security of Vermont. He worked to have Vermont admitted into the union as the 14th state but was frustrated by the slow actions of the Congress. He then began talks with officials in British Canada regarding the possibility of admitting Vermont into the British empire as an autonomous state. These talks much diminished his reputation with patriots in the United Sates. The Allen family did not have great success in the new economy, and by and large show the immense difficulty of conducting business in which a strong sense of distrust still clouds the minds of many.


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