William Knox

We took into our household Mr. William Knox, a wealthy loyalist who had lost possessions and positions during the revolution due to his allegiance to the crown. He made his claim to the claims commission seeking to be reimbursed for the damages done to him, which for the most part were not wholly met. But, being as the claims typically came with a fifty percent return, this was not all that unlikely. The possessions of the loyalists were typically hefty worldly things, such as slaves (referred to in the documents as negroes), land (acreages expanding from plantations), and other such commodities related to wealth. Their losses came from the ravaging of land by war itself as well as the disdain of the rebels for the loyalists, stealing either for the war’s sake or merely looting and pillaging. In our timeline, we’re depicting the life of our loyalist, as well as the time frame in which his claims may have made sense as well as when they happened.



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