What is the war…?

Speaking not only from the perspective of the Allen household, but also colonial Britons of the time, who considered themselves to be citizens of the British empire still, the war would appear to be a civil war. Yet, to a degree taken from “Common Sense,” the war was more of a period of radical reformation in its inception. Colonists didn’t necessarily all want to secede from the empire, but wanted to be taken seriously with the opportunity to still be protected by the mother-land from within and without the continent.

Speaking specifically from Mary Allen’s perspective, with Ethan Allen being as notable in the revolution as he was, it would be more appropriate for the war to be a more intensive civil war –one in which the colonies would ultimately secede from the empire if successful. The war split loyal Britons from patriotic Americans who had lived unabridged with one another for decades prior, making it a profound conflict with brothers fighting brothers.

From my perspective, obviously looking back on the event as it happened with as many of the details as I could claim from multiple points of view, the war would appear to be a war deeply embedded in the fact that the colonists were experiencing treatment akin to conquered nations -like the Indian colony. As it was a sentiment among more educated colonists, the taxes imposed and the general intent behind the duties/acts applied to their way of life, had likened their role in the empire as servants or slaves for revenue. This inequality stems also from the lack of autonomy they had in the empire, that they as colonist ought to have the ability to decide the ways in which revenue was raised, by order of the crown. The lack of representation in parliament weighed heavily upon their perceived inequality. By this the war was not so much a classist struggle, but one for justice.


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