Ethan Allen Facing the War

As the American British colonies enter a revolutionary state of unrest, the Allen House has quite an interest in separating ties with the mother country.  As was mentioned earlier, Ethan Allen had made several trips to the Vermont for hunting earlier in his life, where he fell in love with the unclaimed land.  With further legislation and restraint, the Allen household in general became upset with Britain for it’s restrictions and participated in the rebellious acts against the crown.

Ethan Allen rallied together a group of men, which included brothers Ira and Levi, called the Green Mountain Boys, and they headed west to the Vermont regions to embark on a journey to capture Fort Ticonderoga, among others.  After their successful capture of the fort, the Green Mountain Boys headed north into Canadian territories where they along with other colonial forces were thwarted, and Ethan Allen himself was captured and held prisoner for the war.

Meanwhile, back home in Connecticut, there was more rebellious activity by colonials seeking their freedom, though no direct interaction from those in the family otherwise.  Levi Allen returned “home” following the Battle of Fort Ticonderoga and later capture of his brother Ethan, and he began participating in trading activities with the British forces.  These acts, and the release of Ethan Allen back into the colonies ultimately led to Levi’s expulsion from the family and dishonorable removal from his his property.

Regardless, the Allen household stands strong as a Patriot family through the times of war.  Of course, Ethan has not yet met nor married his latest love in life, Fanny, who was in fact kin to a leader of the British force, but this war would be water under the bridge by that point.  While Levi may have deceived his brothers, Ethan and Ira among the other members of the family stand strong together  in the free country.


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