Land in hand

Mary Bronson Allen, being the wife of Ethan Allen, who had come to found a Land company, would, no doubt, be concerned with land issues surrounding Vermont and westward bound colonies during the 1760’s. Of course, with the proclamation line devised in 1763, lands were contested and controversial -which would alarm any of the colonists placing their investments in these land companies. That’s not to say the rising taxes in the colonies weren’t a problem for the trade-based northern colonies; being as Mary Allen kept the household, she was  directly in contact with the taxes which added inconvenience to her day-to-day and put strain on her home.

Vermont being situated between New York, New England and the encroaching Iroquois nation, land was not particularly readily available. Land was made ever more scarce by the proclamation, which cut the land apportioned to many colonies in half. This limited the settlers in many cases and emboldened the remainder into pushing westward as quickly as possible to gain land without punishment. As a backwoods Vermonter, Mary Allen’s concern would likely have been with the upheaval of their family to rush westward and form a settlement, while the rest of the frontier arrives. Though there were no surveyors of the frontier to check for the appropriate land graphs, the idea was to be grandfathered in to the lines with a claim of prior residence. Mrs. Allen would most likely have been in deep consideration with their network of neighbors in the backwoods to form that community further westward, as well as to ensure that either they weren’t being left behind or that they did not leave unnecessarily.

Were she to look toward the coming Decade, she would find that taxes would fall under the same roof as her land troubles, with the Vermont area falling under the jurisdiction of New Hampshire land grants and New York Claims. with the under under dispute, the New England region might become more tense and depending on the colony they might inevitably fall under, the taxes could greatly affect their lives.


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