Ethan Allen’s Journey (Post 1)

Ethan Allen descends from a family which emigrated from Essex County, England to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1632.  This household is comprised of Ethan Allen, his first wife Mary Bronson, his second wife Frances Buchanan, and his younger brother Levi Allen.

Ethan Allen, shortly after he was born in Litchfield, Connecticut, moved with his family to Cornwall, Connecticut which more closely aligned with the ideals of his family.  As he and his seven younger siblings grew up in a poor town with strong religious supports, Ethan’s family remained fortunate enough to be among the wealthier families in his town.  Despite the limitations of a small, poor town, Ethan had big plans in his future as his father sent him to the neighboring town of Salisbury at age 17 to begin his formal studies after which he planned to attend Yale University.  Unfortunately, the death of Ethan’s father required that Ethan return home to work in support of his mother and siblings.

In 1757, Ethan, a private in the Litchfield County Militia, was called to duty at Fort William Henry where he was first introduced to what is known today as Vermont.  From this point in his life forward, Ethan became quite interested in the lands of Vermont. Ethan organized a small group of men called the Green Mountain Boys who fought for Vermont territory to remain out of New York’s control.  Later, they were in fact successful in their endeavors, however it came at the cost of British imprisonment for Ethan Allen following an overly ambitious raid of Montreal.

Meanwhile, Ethan’s brother, Levi, was present with Ethan in the captures made by the Green Mountain boys, but Levi was more intrigued by money than loyalty to America.  Following these captures, Levi spent years traveling the colonies and trading.  Eventually, Levi was found trading with the enemies and arrested for the crime, upon his release from prison in Connecticut, he was forced to forfeit his property in Vermont by his brother, Ethan.

Through Ethan’s traveling military life, he married Mary Bronson with whom he had five children.  They remained married until her death in 1983 to what is today called Tuberculosis.  In the year following her death, Ethan married his second wife Frances (Fanny) Montresor Brush Buchanan with whom he had three children.  Late in Ethan’s life, he made the permanent move with Fanny to his farm in Vermont where he died only two years later.


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